Bridge Crane Introduction 

Our Bridge Cranes categorized into four types according to their spans, which are: 30m、40m、50m、55m, their relevant tonnages are: 80t、100t、110t、120t、140t、150t、160t、180t、200t、220t. From the four types Bridge Cranes, their Main Girder’ structure can be formed as Joist frame, and also can be empty-chested type, all structure forms are dependent on clients’ choice.  As a professional manufacturing company from our practical experiences we strongly recommend to our clients for “Triangle-Joist frame with double Main Girder structure”.  We can design and customize different span length and different tonnage regarding to client requirement. As we know now there are five types Bridge Cranes domestically and internationally according to their structure forms, working conditions and methods, here we introduce them by using our own standardized symbols:They are: Model “J、Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅱ (A) 、Ⅲ”.Their marking method is: “HDJH(X)□□/□□□J”, for instance “HDJH30m/100tJ、orⅠ、Ⅱ、Ⅱ(A)、Ⅲ”. “HD” stands for Hong Da, “J”stands for Bridge Crane, “H” stands for  Joist frame’s main Girder, “X”stands for main Girder of chested frame, “30” is span length, “100” is maximum tonnage, “J、Ⅰ、Ⅱ、Ⅱ(A)、Ⅲ”stand for Cranes’ model type.
HDJH30/100J Model Bridge Crane
Model “J” Bridge Crane is a basic type of Bridge Cranes, its structure form is double main Girders, normally it adopts Joist frame as main Girder.  Its merits are legerity of its structure, economic price, limitations are: 1 high cost, 2 working condition can be affected and limited, because of its rated weight which required for passing piers; during some complicated working condition, such as mountain area, city highways, high sloping area, big span distance and heavy tonnage, and they all can result in limits for its use.  This model is suitable for small span, small tonnage and good working conditions. This model is the earliest model to be innovated based on its original model in the past, so some of our old clients love this model, but it is substituted now by new models with new technology.
Model “I” is double girders Bridge Crane, it is structured as joist frame, or empty chested. Fixed guiding girder is added on the front of the double main girders in the purpose of passing its path by self-balancing, it is called Model “I” Bridge Crane, its biggest advantage is the ability of passing its path automatically by itself, but because the fixed guiding girder increased the total length of crane, which results in three limitations, one is cost for transport is high, the seond is: the long main girder may bring working difficulties in the condition of sloping bridge, mountain area, city highways and some other conditions, the third is: the front guiding girder stay in cantilever mode after passing its path, which bring difficulties to the girder for returning back to exact ground location. It also affects the stability and safety of the curb girder, it can bring many disputed incident under construction, and therefore we discontinued this model.
 “Ⅱ”model’s configurations are same as model “I”, the difference is the guiding-girders of model“Ⅱ” can be flexed, which can contract in and out. Its structure is joist frame or empty-chested (see photo below), this model is our patented invention and product, only we own its intellectual property rights.  Its advantages include: self-balancing through its path, curb girder can be set up by one-step, the crane can walk and work in both directions of forward and backward with no need to reverse the head, it can work on slope, inclined and curved bridge. It has PLC central intellectualized-control system, with safety multi-protecting functions, high work efficiency, and excellent quality at competable price, it works under all different working environments, with full capabilities, it is an advanced, high safety crane with full and completed configuration.  It is a quite advanced model in our company.
HDJX50/160ⅡModel Bridge Crane
“Ⅱ (A)”is a very competitive and latest innovated Crane, it stands for a new generation of our Cranes, it is designed and developed to have every merits of all our Cranes, and also have the merits of domestic Cranes and international cranes from other countries, nearly two years research and development it is now successfully developed as named “Ⅱ (A)”.  Its structure is similar to “Ⅱ” model (it is latest patented product). In comparison to “Ⅱ”model,  “Ⅱ (A)” is even more advanced, safer, easier to operate, better price with its solid quality, it can work under any working conditions (including different type of girders, different width of girders),  it is a wholly new intellectualized Crane. Its techniques are the best domestically and internationally, it is a leading product in Crane’s market.  After three years of development and practice, we combined every merit from model “J”、“Ⅰ”、“Ⅱ” and model “Ⅲ” into  model“Ⅱ(A)”, after more than ten project practices, the feedbacks from our client are outstanding.
HDJH50/200Ⅱ (A) model Bridge Crane
“J” Model and “II (A)” Model main advantages:
1. Cost of using is low, save transporting, save using cost, they can be represented as three aspects: one, for instance of 40 model BEE, five carriers can complete the transporting, other types BEE will need 9-10 carrier to finish transporting, if each transport save five carriers, each carrier cost 10000rmb, and therefore it will save 50000 rmb for one transport, and can save 500000 rmb for ten years. Two:  it saves labor, this model only need 5-7 stall to operate, normally other BEE need more than 12 people, if one staff with 2000 rmb salary for one month, this model can save 120000 rmb for five staff for a year. In ten years period it will save 1200000rmb, wich equal to the cost of a BEE. Three: this model had record of finish erecting 14 pieces of girder with 8hours, and passing piers with half-an hour. This model’s low using cost is its main merit.
2. It can work under any working environments (such as, sloping or inclined area, and it can work with any girder type or girder width, originated firstly by us, with patent technique).
3. It passes piers by self-balancing (under the shortest length of main girder, it is the only technique in China, and it is patent by us)
 4. Curb girder installation can be done by one-step (originate firstly in China).
5. It walks by imitating human walk (longitudinally walk without rails or fixed runways, originate firstly in China).
6. PLC multi-protecting for safety, central control system
7. Walking speed and frequency are adjustable, whole crane is designed with hydraulic pressure, with high automatization.
8. It works in both direction, forward and backward (exclusive in China, request for this type of crane have to be stated when ordering).
9. It can work with “wheel and track” type girder carrying vehicle, and can also work with “tyre type” girder carrying vehicle.
Model“Ⅲ” Crane: its front and back of this crane can be contracted in and out to pilot its guiding girder. The main merit is the ability to finish bridge building in both directions forward and backward without disassembly, it is our patent product. This merit now has been substituted by Model“Ⅱ (A)”Crane, but its unique structure leave big impression for our clients who have been used them, therefore we sometimes still have clients purchasing for this model.
 HDJH40/150Ⅱ(A)model Bridge Crane
Requirements introduction:
1.      Cranes should be supported with transverse runway, the transverse runway is accessory, which is not included when you purchase cranes, but you can choose to purchase them from us.
2.      Girder carrying vehicle can be “wheel and track” type, also can be “tyre-type”, they are accessories which not included with crane, but customers can choose to purchase them from us.
3.      Normally internal and external cables do not come with cranes, except for particular contract, even though only internal cables are provided for free.
4.      We provide cranes which are fully completed cranes, clients only need to prepare transverse runway, girder carrying vehicle, cables, and other equipments such as steel wires for lifting, and you will be completely able to start your project with our cranes.
5.      Bridge Cranes are specialized machines, please obey relevant laws and regulations during purchasing and constructing.
6.      Because our advanced techniques, and our broad recoganization by Cranes’ market in China, please be aware of there are imitated cranes that have been illegally manufactured and for sale. We do not set up or have any business agent or deputy around China for us, if you have any enquiry please contact us directly. We will guarantee and do our best for our products, our quality, customer service, and best pricing, all in the purpose of providing you with a satisfied, safe, and advanced crane from us. It always is a pleasure for us to manufacture cranes that bring the biggest contributions to your project.
If you need further information or details please do no hesitate, and contact Mr. Guo on: +86-378-6681251,
We provide English service as well please specify.