light-duty gantry crane(the highest ,longest span ,lightest in china ,walking on the trestle ,being used to put steel tube cove up)
Model: heizing 600KN weight ,43M high ,span 66M .
Working environment: being used to put up girder and steel tube cove , walking on the trestle ,weight of the gantry crane under 180t.
Project: The Second Bridge of Huang He River in Zheng Zhou
Construct company: China Railway Bridge Bureau
Structure all use trussed frame that is light ,weight of the gantry crane is under 180t and the gantry crane which can walk on the trestle was used to put up steel tube cove and box girder of The Second Bridge of Huang He River in Zheng Zhou.
The gantry crane uses synchro control ,infrared surveillance ,gale alarm ,overweight protecting etc about scores techniques to keep safe.
 The main body of the gantry crane is two floor that is three inverse triangularly so that we can change it to other gantry crane whose  span is narrow or BEE .

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