Girder carrier(girder camion) is the equipment which is used with bridge gerder erection equpment (BEE)to transport the girder. The girder carrier not only can transport the girder in engineering construction , but also can transport the dead-weight cargo or bale in loading ports, discharging port, steel mill, dockyard, mine, large depot, material circulation centre etc. Now, we can manufacture the girder carrier whose tonnage is under 1000 ton. There are two types girder carrier that are the tyre-type girder carrier and the railway-type girder carrier for you to choose according to your requirement. The girder carrier is a kind of nonstandard production.
1、The tyre-type girder carrier: there is the tonnage of 120t, 160t, 200t, 250t.
2、The railway-type girder carrier(omitted)
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